we come up with strong & distinct brand identities based on research & creative innovation



We are creators. We develop, design, strategize, manage, idealize, optimize – and we do it because we’re passionate. Passion grips us, enamors us, motivates us, pushes us to seek truth and meaning and reason and that’s why we care


But why should you?

Well, because you know what you do and why you do it and whom you do it for, but do they know that? Does your message mean something to your audience? Does it give them a reason to want? To need? To inspire change? To incite action? Do they care about what you do?

We’re here to make sure they do.


You dedicate your time to making good products and good services, to improving your industry–and we’re here to tell people why. We dedicate our time to share your story, whatever it is. Whether your message is to drive sales, drive engagement, spread awareness, or increase action: we’ll tell it to whomever you want it to reach.  And we’ll find different ways to tell them until they’re listening, really listening, not caring about time or money or fear or effort just knowing that what they’re being told means something.

And that is something to care about



What’s your story?


Website Design

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Website Design Services

We build websites based on our clients' preferences, style, and budget.

In your initial contact email, kindly provide as much information as possible regarding your website design project (industry, budget, desired features, inspiration, etc.) Then, within 48 hours, ACE will respond with a comprehensive plan that includes all desired website features and beyond (Social Media Management, Advanced SEO) if your budget allows for it.

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Logo Design


Graphic Elements





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Branding Services

Let's build the brand you've envisioned 

Rebranding or beginning a new venture? Regardless, ACE Marketing Canada offers clients complete branding solutions that result in a brand identity your ideal customer is sure to resonate with!

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Social Media Management

Social Media Management Services

Sharing your brand with your ideal customer 

In your initial contact email, kindly provide as much information as possible regarding your social media management project (industry, budget, desired services, platforms you would like to be managed, etc.) Then, within 48 hours, ACE will respond with a comprehensive social media plan that includes a complete list of deliverables based on the file budget. 

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ACE is a "bespoke" marketing agency what does this mean?

ACE Marketing Canada adopts a tailored approach to marketing strategy, and we create custom and effective solutions for all Website Design, Branding, and Social Media Marketing needs!

Moving forward with ACE Marketing Canada (Website Design)

Upon choosing ACE Marketing Canada, we present you with a legally binding contract. This contract and covers the Scope of Services, Client Duties, Terms, Cancellation, Confidentially, Intellectual Property, etc. Once the contract is signed, we require payment upfront. Once payment has cleared, we schedule a one-hour zoom call -- In this conversation, we discuss your website (color scheme, branding, inspiration, fonts, capabilities, aesthetic, any page content, policy, layout) and roughly map out your website together. After this meeting, clients provide us with all of the materials (pictures) they have that they would like displayed on their website (if you do not have any, it's okay, we have high-quality images archived for these kinds of projects) WE GET TO WORK once we get a feel for the site and precisely what you're looking for. Then, within 72 hours of the meeting, we will provide you with a rough website outline. From there, you have the opportunity to provide feedback and requests for iterations (5 rounds) We offer five rounds of feedback and iterations; however, we have never surpassed two rounds. Once you have a site that you love, we jump on another Zoom meeting, and we teach you the backend of your website and how you can update, create newsletters, and make any changes that you need to in the future! The inclusions provided in a Webiste Design quote will give you everything you need in order to continue the services yourself successfully in the subsequent months; however, if you need further support, we offer 12 months of site maintenance (3hrs / Month).

How much do services cost? How much should I budget for this?

Generally, we ask our clients a series of questions to determine the file cost, for example: - How much product do you wish to sell per month?
- What would you consider to be a "successful month"?
- What is your budget?
- Are you looking for an E-Commerce site? How many products are you selling?
- Would you like more than one sales channel set up? (Website, Amazon, IG Shop)
- Do you need professional photography?
- Do you require site copy, or will you be providing the copy? The more information, the better!

What types of clients do you work with?

We work primarily in industries such as: - Aesthetics (Medical Aesthetic Clincs, Spas, Salons) - Specialized Design Services (Interior Designers, Staging Company) - Accommodation and Food Services (Restaurant, Bar, Nightclub, Coffee Shop) - Retail Trade (Beauty, Cosmetic, Fragrance, Baby Product, Swimwear, Beer, Wine, Liquor) - Real Estate - Recreation (Gyms)

What Clients Say


Michelle Asare (Asare Design)

From the moment I spoke with Katie, I felt confident I was in good hands. She took the time to understand my vision, wants, and needs for my website and brought them to life successfully. She displayed professionalism, expertise, and care throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend ACE to anyone looking for great website design and marketing!